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Topique : Consultancy agency based in Nantes.

Your account is seen as being significant and special on every level,
considering diverse elements such as willingness to gain a close working knowledge about your business, attitudes to the importance of brand stewardship, commitment to strategy, creativity, personal chemistry, enthusiasm and budget.
We will propose relevant communications and concrete actions that your target audience will find irresistible and thus we will differentiate your business.
Within any campaign, strategy and creativity must be applied with the perfect weight.
They are mutually interdependent disciplines; we will deliver on both and we will be the
partner you can rely on.

Advertising agencies use too many words and adjectives to explain their philosophy.
They insist on the form but forget about the substance!
To differentiate your business, the advertising agency shall be creative, reliable, autonomous, relevant, reactive and proactive. It shall have a full working knowledge of the most appropriate options available to meet your objectives today and tomorrow.

In addtion to our advertising expertise, we have an in-depth knowledge of both psychoanalysis, mental mechanisms and relational implications.
This is the reason why Topique is atypic and has a competitive edge.topique according to sigmund

As we perfectly know the mechanisms of desire, reluctance, aspiration and reality,
we design and implement efficient communication tools that amaze and
attract potential consumers.

We are aware that housewives under 50 and teenagers under 18 can be affected by the same matters, thus we go beyond traditional consumer segments. We will focus on your expectations and provide you with customised and relevant consumer communications.