Topique according to sigmundNous contacter

Freud’s theory was that the human mind is based on the concept of an iceberg including various areas with distinct functions.
Three structures of personality are described in Freud's theory.
The id: consists of instincts, which are an individual’s reservoir of psychic. In Freud’s view, the id is totally unconscious.
The ego: resolves the conflict among its demands for reality, the wishes of the id,
and constraints of the superego through defense mechanisms.
The superego: is the moral branch of personality. It takes into account whether something is right or wrong (education, religion, morals, ideals).

Our know-how is based on our in-depth knowledge of the psychoanalytic
theory since:

- All communications are determined by the instinct (the id), the reality
(the ego) and the rules (the superego).

- We decided to analyze these structures to apply them to your communication and and create “market space” for your brand to fulfil its potential.