A good ad should be like a good sermon:
it must not only comfort the afflicted,
it also must afflict the comfortable.

Bernice Fitzgibbon

Topique, based in Nantes, is specialized in
communication and advertising.

We care about your corporate identity !

The way you communicate conveys your corporate values and projects.
Whether internal or external, institutional or product oriented, communication shall be relevant,
attractive and coherent.
Relevant we provide an insightful analysis of the business issues and challenge the brief intelligently.
Attractive we give consumers a view of what you are selling by appealing to their senses.
Coherent we use signs sure of being identified.

Whatever your project, whatever the size of your company,
Topique sets out to meet your teams, to gain a close working knowledge about your business,
and understand your objectives to translate these into powerful compelling communications.

We will focus on selecting the right advertising and design that will position your business most effectively
and deliver a strong competitive advantage.

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